Public Transport

Travelling around Gawler is relatively simple. Even without a car, there are several ways to quickly get around the Gawler area.


The Gawler Central train line stops in several locations throughout the Gawler area, before going all the way down to Adelaide. For the full list of locations on the Gawler Central train line, you can visit the Adelaide Metro website here. The timetable is available here.

Train tickets can be bought on the train. If you plan to use the train regularly, the best option is a rechargable Metro Card, which can be bought at several locations including the Gawler Heritage Kiosk located at the Gawler Train Station and Northern News located in the Northern Market Shopping Centre near the Gawler Central Train Station.


Gawler has four main bus routes that travel throughout the Gawler area - the 491 (Hewett Circuit), 492 (Gawler East Circuit), and the 493 and 494 (Gawler South Circuit). The timetables for these services are available at the Adelaide Metro website.

Adelaide Metro shares the same ticketing system across its services, so Metro cards should work for both trains and buses. 

There are also several bus services going from Gawler to various rural areas, including Angaston, Kapunda and Freeling. These do not use Metro cards, as they are run by Link SA, a different group which covers rural services.

Full details of these bus routes are located at the Link SA website.

Other Transport Options

The Gawler Dial-a-Ride service allow you to travel around Gawler for only $6.50 per trip. However the ride must be booked at least an hour in advance, and opening hours vary. For the full details visit here. 

Car Services

Buying Your First Car

Content currently being developed.

Roadside Assistance and Towing

If your car has run into issues on the road in the Gawler area, there are many local businesses able to help. An easy way to find the one that suits you best is to look through the Yellow Pages website.