Voting begins at age 18, but you can enrol to vote at 16 or 17 so that you are automatically on the roll when you turn 18. Enrolling to vote is easy. If you're an Australian citizen aged 16 or over, the Australia Electoral Commission allows you to enrol online, at this website.

There are three levels of Government which you can vote in elections for once you are on the electoral roll. The first is the Federal Government, which is nation-wide and elects federal members of Parliament and the Prime Minister of Australia. Gawler is part of the Wakefield electorate. Federal elections are compulsory if you are enrolled to vote.

The second is the SA State Government, which elects local South Australian members of Parliament and the Premier of South Australia. Gawler is part of the Light electorate, though some southern parts are part of the bordering electorate of Napier. The boundaries change slightly every four years, so if you're not sure, you can check here. State elections are also compulsory to vote if you are enrolled.

The third is Local Government, which elects councillors and a Mayor for your local council area. Most of Gawler is part of the Gawler Council, but some parts of Gawler are run by different councils, such as Hewett which is run by the Light Regional Council. If you're not sure which electorate you are in, you can check here.

Voting in Australia uses the Preferential Voting system, also known as the Alternate Vote. It works by numbering the candidates in order of preference, rather than just ticking a single box. A more detailed explanation is here, or you can watch this short 4-minute video which explains how it works.

Justice of the Peace Services

Justices of the Peace (JPs) are people who are legally authorised to witness and sign a range of legal documents. If you need a JP, you can find one for your local area using this website.