There's always opportunities, just keep knocking on doors!

The youth unemployment rate sits at 14.7% out of 6.7% for the whole of Australia. We want to help fast track you into work! Sometimes this means updating your resume, sometimes learning interview skills, or maybe having some practical life expereinces to proof you know your stuff. Volunteering and work placements actually look great on a resume.

Council and other local service providers put on workshops and training sessions from time to time to build your capcity and upskill you. We want you at the top of the shortlists and want to do all we can to get you into work. Keep an eye on the Events and Programs pages to take advantage of these opportunities. Employment agencies also hold workshops.Take advantage of reduced costs training to obtain tickets, licenses and other skills that will put you one step in front of everyone else.  

If you need  assistance in writing a great resume or cover letter the links below will help you!


Volunteering is another useful method for building your capacity and experience in the workplace. You can have all ther certificates in the world, but unless you can prove you have some form of expereince many employers wont look at you. We strongly encourage you to get involved in volunteering to gain life experience, more skills and referees. If you need help setting up a volunteer placement head to Gawler Volunteer Resource in the related links in the right hand column.

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