Get Involved

Get Involved

Young people have so much to offer our Community!

The Town of Gawler wants to provide every opportunity for young people in participate in community life and be heard. We fundmentally believe that:

  1. Young people are active citizens
  2. Young people are leaders today and in the Town's future
  3. Young people should be celebrated for their diversity and creativity

We want to help empower you to participate in your community, provide ways for you to influence local decision making and celebrate your achievements. Afterall, young people are awesome!

So, how you ask... Well, there are many ways to get involved, and completely depends on the experience you want. These could include:

  • Speaking up for young people on a Committee
  • Planning events
  • Helping run events
  • General volunteering

Give the Youth Development Officer or the Gawler Volunteer Resource Centre a call (see numbers in the right hand column), to chat about what you want to do and they'll point you in the right direction.