Breakthru is a support program for young people aged 7 - 18 who provide care for someone at home.

The person being cared for can be a parent, brother, sister, relative or anyone in your home needing ongoing care. The group provides a sense of belonging, and the opportunity to chill out with people that understand what it's like to be caring for someone in your family. Young Carers have fun and look forward getting involved in a range of activities offered through 'breakthru' young carers program.

We know what you do is hard and sometimes you might need help. Breakthru can put you in touch with people who can help with a range of services and activities designed for people your age.

What young Carers do at home is important but it's also important that you take time out for yourself. Breakthru can help you balance what you do at home with equally important things, like your education and a social life. After all, a balanced life will help you stay on top of things so you can feel good and stay healthy.

To find out more info and find out what's available in Gawler for you contact: 8284 0388 or