Julia Farr Youth

Julia Farr Youth

Julia Farr Youth (JFY) are a group of young people living with disability who are enthusiastic about disability youth issues.


JFY members believe in young people having the same opportunities as their non-disabled peers, and are passionate about bringing about change. 

JFY meet and discuss issues important to them, and come up with strategies to change thoughts and lives.

How we hope it will help

JFY exist so that youth living with disability can voice their concerns about their lives and take action to change themselves and others.

The group is also available for consultations with individuals and organisations who might want to be more inclusive.

Key features

JFY meet monthly, united by their focus on empowerment, and their desire to raise awareness and amplify issues of concern.

Current status

The group has been involved in the design and implementation of the JFY Mentor Program for children and adolescents living with disability, and are currently working towards a documentary amplifying issues of concern for young people.

JFY have plans to explore e-mentoring as a way to complement their peer-to-peer mentoring program, establish connections with schools, and conduct educational talks.


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