HYPA: Helping Young People Achieve

HYPA: Helping Young People Achieve

Many of the young people we support have experienced trauma in their lives and need extensive support.

We recognise that despite their often chaotic life circumstances, the young people who come to HYPA are incredibly resilient. We believe every young person we help has the strength and capacity to bring about positive change and build a future beyond their present expectations.

Without the appropriate support to address their personal issues, too many young people fall through ‘the cracks’ and are denied the opportunities to realise their potential. HYPA’s role is to close the gaps and support young people to change their circumstances so that they may live full and productive lives within their communities.

To do this HYPA provides services that are aligned to the four primary priorities in a young person’s life: Home, Wellbeing, Learning and Working.

Contact Us:
    Phone: 08 8255 9028
    Website: www.hypa.net.au

Angeliegh's Story

Angeliegh was having trouble at home and needed to move out, but had nowhere to go.  She had no furniture, either, and no money for a bond, no way of raising that kind of money.  And then she came to HYPA for help and was offered a HYPA Housing apartment.  Now she’s working, has her driver’s licence and has moved into independent accommodation. See Angeliegh's story via the YouTube clip in the sidebar.


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