The Town of Gawler recognizes the importance of having a member of staff devoted to youth development. The Youth Development Officer’s focus is to:

  • Encourage and facilitate young people’s participation in community life
  • Provide ongoing support and development of the Gawler Youth Advisory Committee ensuring relevant issues are referred to them for their advice and Council is informed of their views.
  • Plan and deliver events which recognise and celebrate young people’s achievements.
  • Promote information of interest to young people about services, facilities and opportunities within the local area.
  • Assist in the planning, policy and other resource development to advance the Gawler community

Below you are able to download Gawler's Youth Development Plan 2013-2018. This Plan is a set of practices used by sevice prioviders, schools, programs and commnities to empower young people to reach their full potential.  

Through this Plan Council commits to providing all young people within the Town of Gawler with positive experieinces and opportuntiies that must enhance young people's strengths and capacity; affirm them as community contributors, as well as shapers of their own future. Gawler recognises young peeople as active citizens in our community, embraces their voices to be included in decision making.  

We are in the midst of reviewing our Youth Development Plan for the region. It is important that we check directly in with the Town’s young people to see how we are tracking, what’s being done well, and what could improve. We are doing things differently by leading young people through a series of interactive activities to help answer these questions. Our engagement and consultation with young people will be achieved via two stages:

  • Stage 1 – Youth Summit 2017 – speaking directly with Schools youth leaders on 26 October 2017
  • Stage 2 – Imagine if…. Hub – Imagine if…. Hub – brought classes of students, other youth and vulnerable groups, services providers and parents together at the end of Term 1, 2018.

If you would like to find out more contact our Youth Development Officer via youth@gawler.sa.gov.au or 08 8522 9295.

Youth Development Plan
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